Reactwell’s Atmospheric Water Capture (AWC) prototyping, studies and technical services provide your organization with an initial assessment of the available water resource per year that can be pulled from the atmosphere or other supplies through a process known as atmospheric water capture (AWC).

Our team can deliver you a feasibility study, data collection and economic analysis report for atmospheric water mining at your site(s). If the study indicates a viable resource, we can deploy our patent pending modular and portable assets to enable capture of water on-site for your organization. Client references available upon request.

Our atmospheric water capture modules are available in two form factors: (1) Industrial & (2) Village. If your industrial site(s) would like to reduce water loss, please contact us as this is a billed service. However, if you’re village needs clean water, our team will make best efforts to volunteer our time and resources to help. Please submit a project request as a conversation starter: Project Inquiry Form